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With the approach of autumn, many houses are releasing a “noir” fragrance in anticipation of the cooler weather and evening social events. Natural perfumery is no exception to this hot trend. Providence Perfume Company announced the release of its newest of many natural fragrance, Divine Noir, on August 7, 2012.

Divine Noir is “a darker foil” to the house’s popular orange blossom fragrance, Divine. The original Divine is a classically feminine ode to perfumer Charna Ethier’s “glamorous friend who is never without her red lipstick.” Divine features a beautiful blend of orange blossom, neroli, vanilla and botanical musk.

Its new darker sister, Divine Noir, shares the characteristic orange blossom of the original but offers a richer and deeper interpretation—more like a fragrant little black dress to be worn after dark. “Noir” also describes the juice itself, with its intense dark brown color inspired by a classic fragrance.

“My Grandmother’s dressing table, with its ever present bottle of Youth Dewperfume, captivated me as a child. What mystery that dark perfume held! The deep brown liquid evoked glamour and drama. Without even smelling the perfume, there was an anticipation of enigmatic elegance. In composing Divine Noir, I wanted to capture the sensuality and style of a bygone era using luxurious natural ingredients,” explains Charna.

A specially created dark Madagascar vanilla bean tincture lends color and blends with other dusky ingredients including sarsaparilla, aged patchouli and oakmoss. These dark base notes form a rootbeer-like accord and provide a warm support for the beautiful flowers and spices atop.


Top notes:
bitter orange, coriander bergamot

Heart notes:
orange blossom, neroli, jasmine grandilforum, rose absolue

Base notes:
oakmoss, angelica, vanilla bean, elemi, aged patchouli

The fragrance retails for $115 US for a 1 oz. atomizer bottle, $26 US for a 6 ml travel atomizer, and samples are also available.  Please visit the Providence Perfume Company official website to purchase.

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Providence Perfume Company

CharnaWhen you think of natural perfume, you probably conjure up images of hippies and vials of essential oils.  Charna Ethier is the child of what she calls hippie parents and grew up on a commune. “As a teenager I longed for glitz and glamour to get away from the commune,” she says.  “One of my first jobs was working at the perfume counter at Macy’s which I thought was the ultimate in sophistication.”

She would make blends of essential oils for her friends. “I would constantly adjust each fragrance because the wearer would ask for a little more of this or less of that.” So naturally, Charna became a natural perfumer, launching her own line, Providence Perfume Company about two years ago. “I wanted to make my own perfumes and not be restricted by cost.”

She says she’s most attracted to the exotic and rare ingredients, and as many perfumers do, she finds inspiration in her travels. “I became obsessed with osmanthus,” and she created the smokey Osmanthus Oolong, her first of 11 fragrances.

Charna chose the name Providence Perfume Company because she is based in Providence, Rhode Island, and also because she liked the meaning of the word providence.  “I liked that the dictionary listed definitions of providence to mean, ‘the foreseeing care of nature over the creatures of the earth,’ and ‘luck, fate, fortune.’  Perfect for the natural perfumer.”

Charna’s newest perfume is Hindu Honeysuckle, with a burst of fresh cut sweet honeysuckle and a note of jasmine.  Some of her other secents — Eva Luna starts out with a surprising top note of carrots and has a creamy heart of tuberose.  It reminds me of Bonte’s Bloom by Honoré des Prés, made by well-known natural perfumer Olivia Giacobetti. Tabac Citron, with lemon and tobacco, is Providence Perfume’s top seller. “Citrus scents tend to be universally popular,” Charna says.  “Tabac Citron’s unique pairing of citrus and blonde tobacco makes it unisex and eminently wearable.” I also think that these fragrances are wearable for any time of day or night. The perfume oils stay close to the skin and are more intimate.

You can see more of Charna’s natural fragrances on her website.

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Charna is a perfumer who owns her own natural perfume company – The Providence Perfume Co.

In celebration of Robertet’s ongoing love affair with the rose, this perfumer was offered Robertet’s Rose Petals Natural R33279 fractionated essence to utilize in a perfume of her own creation.

natural perfumeLocal girl [at least, to me] Charna Ethier is a self-taught natural perfumer who was raised on a communal farm in New Hampshire.

Charna’s Rose Bohème was born from a desire for a “rich, deep dark rose.” “I need something to stir me creatively. For example, costus root made me think of wet woolen mittens in the winter, that electric ozone before a snowstorm. I’m intrigued by how their characters interact on the skin.” Charna likes the “patchouli/rose—it’s symbiotic. I love the rose/fir combination, it’s so green and jammy. I used aged patchouli, oud, rooibos, leathery saffron absolute, rosewood, mimosa, geranium, and two other roses. The Turkish rose is the Earth Mother—she gets along with everybody, while the Bulgarian rose is reed-thin, crystalline, regal.”

Charna’s most memorable rose moment? “On one side of our house, there was a tangle of rosebushes, and way underneath, there was a sort of cavern, a place where I could find some privacy, escape to. I would lie on he ground—the smell of the earth beneath me—and look up through the tangle at the sky.”

You can view more of Charna’s natural fragrances at her website.

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