Charna is a perfumer who owns her own natural perfume company – The Providence Perfume Co.

In celebration of Robertet’s ongoing love affair with the rose, this perfumer was offered Robertet’s Rose Petals Natural R33279 fractionated essence to utilize in a perfume of her own creation.

natural perfumeLocal girl [at least, to me] Charna Ethier is a self-taught natural perfumer who was raised on a communal farm in New Hampshire.

Charna’s Rose Bohème was born from a desire for a “rich, deep dark rose.” “I need something to stir me creatively. For example, costus root made me think of wet woolen mittens in the winter, that electric ozone before a snowstorm. I’m intrigued by how their characters interact on the skin.” Charna likes the “patchouli/rose—it’s symbiotic. I love the rose/fir combination, it’s so green and jammy. I used aged patchouli, oud, rooibos, leathery saffron absolute, rosewood, mimosa, geranium, and two other roses. The Turkish rose is the Earth Mother—she gets along with everybody, while the Bulgarian rose is reed-thin, crystalline, regal.”

Charna’s most memorable rose moment? “On one side of our house, there was a tangle of rosebushes, and way underneath, there was a sort of cavern, a place where I could find some privacy, escape to. I would lie on he ground—the smell of the earth beneath me—and look up through the tangle at the sky.”

You can view more of Charna’s natural fragrances at her website.

Original article By: Ida Meister can be viewed here.